ice fishing supplies pulaski nyIce fishing in and around Pulaski and the North Country can be enjoyable and peaceful by yourself and it can be a lot of fun going out with a bunch of friends. You gather up some friends and set up your tip-ups and your ice fishing gear. If you are a beginner to ice fishing there are some key things you should know.

Key Terms:

Here are a few ice fishing terms that are widely used that you should know.

Spud Bar – A long metal bar with a pointed end. It makes it easier to break up compacted materials like frozen ice.

Ice Auger – A spiral cutting tool that is used to create a hole through the ice so you can fish.

Tip-up – This is a device that suspends bait through the hole in the ice. Tipping up is helpful because a flag snaps up when a fish strikes at the bait.


The most important pieces of fishing equipment needed are and ice fishing rod, tip-ups, and an ice auger. Of course, there is a lot more equipment that you could bring with you like bait and lures, a bucket (used mostly as a seat). A shanty with a small portable heater can also be nice to have as it can get quite cold on the ice and exposed to the winds.

Where to Fish

In Upstate New York, there are no shortages of fishing lakes, rivers and ponds. Fishing on Lake Ontario and the Salmon River are among most popular spots year-round.

Ice Safety

When looking to go ice fishing, safe ice is the number one consideration for safety. Experts agree that there should be a minimum of 3-4 inches of solid ice. Remember that ice on a lake may not be uniform on any body of water. The general guide below will give you some help in knowing that you can bring on the lake with you for different ice thickness. Since ice thickness can vary on a lake, check the ice every so often to stay safe. Remember that this is only a general guideline. Consult local experts before venturing out on the ice.

Ice Thickness Table (for new, clear ice only):

Ice Thickness Permissible Load
2 inches or less Stay Off
4 inches Ice fishing or other activities on foot
5 inches Snowmobile or ATV
8-12 inches Car or small pickup
12-15 inches Medium truck

Expert Tips

Bring sunglasses – The reflection off the snow can be blinding.

Safety in the Shanty – If you have a heater in your shanty, keep the zipper open some so carbon monoxide can escape. It can become dangerous for you if you are exposed to it for too long.

Water Warning – Be aware of any water on the ice, especially early in the season. This can mean that the ice might be thin in that area.